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Light Body Sculpting

Lose up to 75 lbs without drugs, shots or vigorous exercise!

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North Scottsdale

We are a unique holistic natural healthcare facility offering Doctor-Supervised programs specifically in gut health and weight loss. The foundation of each program is safe detoxification designed to cleanse the body of mucus, waste and toxins, improve digestion, increase energy and fat-burning ability.

Safe, Fast & Fun!

We use only 100% Organic plant-based supplement products and our food plans include only 100% whole foods. Nothing synthetic or frozen ever! Combined with advanced technology to support behavior modification and mindset for cravings and choices = SUCCESS !

Want to Lose up to
30lbs in 30 Days?

We blow away the competition by using a unique combination of the newest and most advanced natural body treatments. Patients come as far as Flagstaff, Prescott Valley, Wickenberg, etc to receive care. When our detox weight loss programs are combined with our special body treatments –
Goals are reached and Success is achieved!

We have the Missing Pieces of the Puzzle!

No gimmicks, shots or synthetic foods. We address the root cause of your weight for safe, efficient weight loss, allowing for long term results! Finally! A place that treats YOU and YOUR BODY!

Why Are You Waiting?

Change your relationship with food and take control of your life. Cravings are a thing of the PAST with Club Reduce. Our holistic approach treats both mind and body. Enjoy socializing, taking pictures and feeling fabulous in your clothes!

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With our Doctor-Supervised Detox programs you will always have 24/7 support! Enjoy your personalized weight loss portal packed with education, yummiest recipes, cooking videos with Professional Chefs, work out videos, newsletters, before and after stories to keep you inspired and so much more!


What We Offer

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You are not alone, our highly qualified staff is with you, encouraging you, and cheering you on every step of the way. Health and vitality is very attainable. We know this because we live it.


Superstar Successes

I had a great experience! Dr Jeri is very professional and her staff is amazing. I definitely recommend this place. I’ve lost 13lbs so far in 4 weeks and I see the results. I’m so glad I came here.

Dr Nardone was great. She was very personable, patient and set realistic expectations of the treatments & outcome. Always friendly with a smile the staff made me feel very at home. I went there for 2 weeks straight doing 2 treatments/week and I MOST definitely saw results. My jeans fit better and my muffin top certainly went away – I’m adamant to keep it that way! Dr Nardone was very clear that this was not a miracle procedure but a process of flushing fat with the support of a healthy diet and exercise. I HIGHLY recommend Light Body Sculpting – Dr Jeri and her team are really the best! I will be back! See you soon.

Maureen O
Weight has been a lifelong struggle for me. I exercise and eat pretty healthy, but I have those stubborn pounds that don’t seem to want to go away in my midsection. After just 6 treatments I see a wonderful leaner me!! My belly is flatter and I can see a huge difference in the way my clothes are fitting, especially my pants! I’m so excited about the results I’ve decided to continue seeing Dr Jeri for intensive treatments like the Infrared Body Wrap! I’d recommend Dr Jeri and her weight loss procedures to anyone looking to lose those stubborn trouble spots and to finally get more toned where you really need it most. Thanks Light Body Sculpting for giving me that extra boost of confidence to get these last few pounds off!
Maciej C

I appreciated all the attention and professional attitude. The staff was very attentive and helpful and friendly. The treatments definitely accelerated what I was already doing and I’m so much more motivated. The treatments were easy and enjoyable. I feel and look better and am ready to keep up the healthy lifestyle.

Sally K
These folks are top notch! I came in beforehand for my consultation. I was pleasantly surprised how in-depth my conversation with Dr Nardone was. She really listened and explained a lot. She did not shame me for my horrific stress induced eating habits. Not even when I told her my breakfast burrito was a microwave burrito…Instead, she explained how certain things are counter to the hard work I have put in getting into shape. She gave me lots of great advice without being preachy. The procedures are easy and very relaxing and I find myself looking forward to them. My jeans fit better!! I also got the chocolate protein shake (totally yummy) and the detox vitamins. They really helped to put me in the right mindset and focus on healthier eating. This is exactly what I needed to start the year off right!
Vanessa D

I wanted to look great for a reunion in October. Dr Jeri and her staff certainly made that happen. I had the light treatments and a body wrap. The results from the LipoLight began to show in the next week and continued to for a few more weeks…so I bought a package of treatments! Dr Jeri explains in detail how the procedure works and what to expect and when. My neighbor saw the change in me and she bought a treatment package as well! The Lipo treatments make me feel so much better when I leave that office…I feel happier and motivated…I highly recommend calling for an appt with Dr Jeri so she can make you feel as good as I do!

Bonnie S

I started coming 2 weeks ago and have already lost 3″ from my waist. The whole team is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. It’s not just about the treatment but also a healthy lifestyle which Dr Jeri teaches her patients all about.

Dannae S

Dr. Jeri and her staff have been amazing to me! I never did anything like this before and was skeptical. I called the office and the staff was very professional, answered all my questions and wasn’t pushy.

Joan C
I love coming to Light Body Sculpting! Dr Jeri and her staff are incredible and the treatments I had made me look and feel fabulous! They truly are on the cutting edge of advanced technology in the weight loss and skin care field. Go check them out!
Mary H